A Connecticut Yankee in QEII's Commonwealth

One waspy New England girl's encounter with America's hat. What the hell are loonies and are they actually redeemable for goods and services? Do I have "wheels" and should I be "rattled" about it? Is this forecast for the Day After Tomorrow? Could Timbits be the most repugnant name for a doughnut hole conceivable? Turns out the world doesn't stop at Vermont.

Tim Horton’s Giveaway! …As if I care.


Happy Fakesgiving!

Happy Fakesgiving!



Canada just shat upon my childhood.

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Overheard leaving James Blake last night: “He knows a Canadian audience, eh?”

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Love this poutain!

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Required Courses: A Guest Post

To graduate from high school in Canada, certain mandatory courses must be taken: English, Math, and Primitive Skills/Camping. Every September, my high school would take us on camping expeditions to Strathcona National Park, an outdoor survival-skills park in the middle of Vancouver Island.

The camping trip was meant to built skills needed for life in Canada. We were given a tarp, a canoe and matches and sent out into the woods for five days. Apparently this would broaden our learning horizons in a fun, non traditional way.

My senior year I was forced on a kayaking trip, where I was exposed to frozen Neoprene wetsuits. After a day of kayaking we had to peel off our wetsuits and tie them up in high branches (to keep them away from the bears, obviously). The next morning, after waking up under an open tarp, our wetsuits would be frozen solid. Putting on a frozen Neoprene wetsuit at a godforsaken hour of morning taught me not only basic survival skills, but the knowledge that I needed to move to California.

— Ne$ha, A Vancouver Survivor

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Packing for Expatriation

Tradition calls for a few drinks when packing for my return to the Great White North, usually Canadian Club and whatever other beverage we have in the house. This year, being super resourceful we came up with the “Canadian Beekeeper”. Enjoy.

The Canadian Beekeeper:

- 1/4 cup honey

- 8 oz McD’s Unsweetened Iced Tea

- as much Canadian Club as you can possibly stand

Before you know it, the car will be packed and you’ll be shitfaced. Au revoir, Etats-Unis!!

**Editor’s Disclaimer: May result in numerous sing-a-longs to B44, sowrry.

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The Canadian N*SYNC, if N*SYNC really loved oral sex.

Literally, this was on the radio all the time, and small children sung along about “making you come tonight—over to my house”.

Also, not sure how these guys achieved a tan like this when there are only about 48 hours of sunshine in a whole Canadian year.

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